Here a collection of my works, ranging from music, to art and games. I am self-taught for the most part and have no "industry" experience yet. Always keen to learn new things, so it's most likely not going to stay that way!



I have started with game development relatively recently so there is not a lot to show here; another reason is that I kept myself busy mostly with software architecture instead of getting games done in the first place. My most recent project I started with the aim to get it done, however. Here a short list of games I developed/am developing.
  • StarFire - a futuristic space simulation set in a distant part of our universe.
  • CamoTanks - a top-down 2D survival shooter.
  • Eternal - my first game ever, a 2D steampunk RPG that I plan to remake some day.
More game-related articles can be found at Neutronio Games.


Making music since 2005, I have accumulated an impressive collection of music, from hardcore rave techno beats to soft and mellow melodies. I have uploaded a portion of my work here in creative commons license and you are free to use it in your projects (for details see the license text file)


Doing art I have been for as long as I can think. It all started with dinosaur drawings went over to cars and humans and somehow ended up with dragons and space. Art has always been a relief for me in hard times and I would spend hours drawing and drawing. Since this relief is not really required anymore, I am not doing as much art today.

Spy by hail-the-oblivious on deviantART (This one was done with mouse only)
VSS Victorius by hail-the-oblivious on deviantART (painted over 3D model render)

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